Drama Nights
A Network of Adult Drama Classes in Pubs

Drama Nights offers a network of adult drama classes based in pubs. Classes are a lively mix of games, improvisation, script work and performance. Additionally, Drama Nights provides members with a variety of social and cultural experiences. Non-members are warmly invited to join us in our theatre trips, drama weekends and ‘Drama Bites’ suppers. New classes are in development so why not contact us on 07896 958 665 to find a class near you?
Classes are open for all with no audition needed so if you are a complete novice and would like to develop new skills, an experienced actor who would like to join a lively local class or you simply just want a great way of meeting new friends in your area make a night your Drama Night from now on!
VENUES All courses last for ten weeks
Bristol - Wednesday The Hen & Chicken pub, 210 North Street, Southville BS3 1JF
Richmond - Monday The Vineyard Community Centre, The Vineyard, Richmond, TW10 6AQ
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‘Its good that you invite us all to join you for a drink afterwards in the pub – it encourages people to stay and get to know each other’
'I am telling all my friends to join Drama Nights - I can't recommend it enough'
'I was really nervous on the first week but after only two weeks I feel confident and it has already changed my life'
'Why is it that everyone who joins Drama Nights is so nice?'
'I am a Scientist, its really good to have the chance to express myself creatively'
'I like the fact that you put just as much emphasis on making friends as on teaching skills'
'The classes are really professional - you start at 7pm and finish at 9pm and they are focused on the learning throughout'
'It is such a great way to start the week - I leave feeling positive and go out on a high'
‘I like the way that the workshop goes in steps getting increasingly more challenging throughout the two hours’


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