Drama Workshops

We offer a range of opportunities to extend and enrich the life of your school. You may wish to establish a Drama Club and commission ACTiv-8 to direct your school production.  Perhaps your school would like to support Family Learning and invite parents and students to learn a new skill together to enhance community cohesion.   ACTiv-8 can work with targeted groups providing GCSE Drama intervention classes or offering Drama Therapy for students at risk of permanent exclusion.   We can organise a Festival of Arts or International Evening for your school as an outcome of a weekly afterschool class or we can provide Yoga or Relaxation We offer a range of Drama Workshops to support the curriculum and extended schools programme in your school.

We design workshops to suit your needs but a selection includes:

  1. Curriculum intervention
  2. After school drama classes
  3. Directing school productions
  4. Celebration of Talent

Please do not hesitate to contact us for information on any of the above on admin@ACTiv-8.net  or by phoning Suzanne on 07896 958665.

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